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Friday, July 28, 2006

More on Liberal vs. Conservative

I've been thinking more about this subject, and I have some more to say.

Liberals believe we're all in this together vs. the conservatives' every man for himself.

Except that this idea doesn't apply to rich people, corporations, or the CEOs that run them. For them it's the socializing of risk and privatizing of profit. Liberals oppose this; conservatives support it.

For conservatives, responsibility and accountablity apply only to welfare mothers. For liberals, they apply equally to CEOs and Administration officials.

Conservatives tend to believe "right to life" ends at birth. Liberals believe the woman whose body is involved also has a say-so in the situation.

Both sides give lip service to reducing the rate of abortion. Conservatives want to lower the abortion rate by outlawing abortions (except for rich women who can afford to travel to where it is legal, or else get the doctor to change the medical record to read, "D & C" instead). Liberals want to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.

Conservatives emphasize Paul's condemnation of homosexuality; liberals emphasize Jesus' teachings on taking care of the poor. And by the way, the New Testament records many more words of Jesus on money and the exploitation of the poor than it does of Paul condemning what he regarded as sexual immorality.


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