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Friday, March 07, 2008

Once again, connecting the dots

Okay, let's see: George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden were both investors in the Bank of Commerce and Credit (or was it Credit and Commerce--I don't remember) International (BCCI) when John Kerry's investigations got it shut down because of its corruption.

Next dot: W. made his first million in the Carlyle Group alongside Osama's brother.

Next dot: When Iraq threatened to invade Kuwait Osama bin Laden, fresh from driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan (with U. S. help--see Charlie Wilson's War), goes to the Saudi royal family asking for permission to take out Saddam Hussein. They refuse and bring in the Americans and their allies, instead. Osama's Al Qaeda turns against the Americans for violating the Holy Places in Saudi Arabia.

Next dot: Al Qaeda attacks U. S. interests--including bombing two embassies in Africa. President Clinton bombs places in Sudan and Afghanistan thought to be sanctuaries for Osama and his boys. Republicans condemn Clinton for this. The CIA has Osama in its sights in Afghanistan, but the royal family of Dubai protects him. Clinton puts a contract out with a price on Osama's head.

Next dot: Al Qaeda attacks the U. S. S. Cole in October, 2000. In December it is proved conclusively that it was Al Qaeda, but the news was full of hanging chads and the Supreme Court installing W. into the White House.

Next dot: The first thing W. does when assuming the Oval Office is to take the bounty OFF Osama's head, even knowing he was behind the Cole attack.

Next dot: The security agencies report to Bush that Al Qaeda was planning an attack inside the U. S., and Bush does nothing.

Next dot: 9/11. Bush vows to get Osama, "dead or alive."

Next dot: Immediately after 9/11 Bush lets all of Osama bin Laden's family fly out of the U. S. before any can be questioned about Osama's whereabouts.

Next dot: When the finest fighting force in the world, the U. S. military, has Osama surrounded at Tora Bora in Afghanistan, Bush cuts and runs to go attack Saddam Hussein, Osama's biggest enemy in the Arab world, even though Bush later admits that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Next dot: It is learned that the Saudi royal family financed the 9/11 hijackers. Bush walks around the Rose Garden holding hands with the Saudi Prince.

Next dot: Osama's lieutenant, Zarkawi, was in Iraq, and Saddam was trying to hunt him down when his hunt was interrupted by the American invasion. This invasion opens the door to Al Qaeda to come into Iraq and give them a foothold they didn't have before.

Next dot: In a press conference Bush admits: "I don't care about" Osama bin Laden.

Next dot: Bush tries to turn over ownership of U. S. ports to the same Dubai royal family that protected bin Laden from the CIA.

Next dot: Osama bin Laden is still taunting us, still plotting against America, and Bush is leaving it to the British to thwart the plots while W. continues to give his attention to shredding the Constitution here at home, instead of working against Al Qaeda.


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