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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How do you talk to a Republican?

I've noticed in debating issues with Republican co-workers, etc., that they don't listen to what you're saying. They parrot the talking points dictated by Rush or Billo or Sean, but they don't engage what you're saying.

I make a statement, they respond with a talking point that doesn't directly address what I just said. How do you counter that?

Furthermore, if you say something outrageous (to them), such as pointing out how the prosperity they brag about that occurred during the Reagan Administration happened after Reagan signed the largest tax increase in history, they shout something like "REAGAN NEVER RAISED ANY TAXES!" As though shouting could make it true.

So how do you engage the drinkers of Rush's Kool-Aid?

Is it even possible?

Any ideas?


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