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Thursday, September 28, 2006

On the "Liberal" Media

I heard a commentator on the radio denounce all mainstream corporate-owned media outlets as "liberal," and when challenged on it he said it was because liberal people read/watch/listen to them.

I started thinking (I know, that's a "liberal" thing to do): The New York Times publishes Bush's lies about Iraq beating the drums for war all over the front page. Then when those claims are refuted by the facts they bury those in the inside pages. They get word that Bush has committed an impeachable offense spying on American citizens without warrants in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, and they sit on it for over a year after the 2004 election is over. Does that sound "liberal" to you?

And Bob Somerby over at The Daily Howler ( is always talking about how the mainstream so-called "liberal" media attacked Al Gore throughout 1999 to 2000 (and still it continues) while giving Bush a free ride. Example: At the first debate, Al Gore had all the facts and argued rings around the ignorant Bush. But because Bush didn't completely collapse the mainstream media assessment was that Bush won the debate. Even though he lost the arguments they announced him the winner because he didn't completely dissolve.

Yeah. "liberal" media.

Liberal media my pet goat.


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