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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On Partisanship

I started this blog hoping to find some common ground with people across the aisle. After all, God is not a Republican nor a Democrat. In one of my first posts I mentioned the diversity among Jesus' disciples. And if he can diversify, why can't we, all of whom claim to be seeking the truth?

I named this blog redblueletter, hoping to have dialogue with those on both sides.

But in the past two years this country has become more polarized than I have seen it since the Vietnam era of the early 1970s. The emphasis is not so much on being right as it is on winning at any cost.

The problem I have with Professional Wrestling is that the "good guys" violate the rules as blatantly as the "bad guys" do. We miss teaching our children that cheating to win makes the win worthless. Yet that doesn't seem to register in the political world. The last three elections have been filled with rampant cheating by the party that screams loudest about "values."

I am so disgusted by the hypocrisy around me that I want to scream.

God save America.


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