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Monday, April 16, 2007

On Health Care

This country is in crisis, and no one but the general population knows it. Once again, the people are way out in front of the politicians and the press.

People are healthier, live longer, and have lower death rates at every age in countries such as Canada, England, France, Germany, etc., etc. than they do in the USA, where we spend tons more money on health care. Besides, they have more doctors per capita than we do.

In fact, we have the most inefficient health care system, and the most expensive, which seems to go hand in hand. It is long past time for us to grow up and join the rest of the developed world and gain some sanity in the way we pay for the health care of our population. Insurance companies, as I have ranted about before, are destroying the country.

Juan Williams, then of NPR, noted that people rejected Hillary Clinton's health care plan a decade ago because they said you wouldn't get to see the doctor of your choice and some faceless bureaucrat in Washington would say what drugs you were allowed and how long you could stay in the hospital.

Instead, we got HMO's and other insurance plans so that you don't get to see the doctor of your choice and some faceless accountant in New Delhi says what drugs you are allowed and how long you can stay in the hospital.

Those brainwashed by the current situation in America talk about the long waits for surgery, etc. in those other countries, even though the research shows that waits there are no longer on average than they are here. Besides, if they spent the portion of their GNP on health care that we did, every single patient could have a solid gold wheelchair.

But I doubt much will change in the near future because of the campaign contributions by the big drug companies and insurance companies.

Just one more reason for public financing of campaigns.


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