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I'm an ordained United Methodist minister no longer pastoring churches, a former media producer with skills ten years out of date, a writer trying to sell my first novel, and a sales associate keeping body and soul together working for the People's Republic of Corporate America. I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the world, who was my best friend for 17 years before we married.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just wondering....

--Why do drivers who consider the posted speed limit a gross exaggeration also consider the left lane the only place to drive?

--Why are Republicans so afraid of everything? The Clinton and Bush Administrations tried, convicted, and imprisoned over 300 terrorists on American soil, but now the Republicans are too afraid of letting the Obama Administration do the same. Why? Why can countries like Spain, Bermuda, and England do the same thing, but American Republicans are too afraid?

--Why are tax cuts the answer to everything? When have they ever worked to bring about anything good? When has there been a tax cut on the rich that wasn't followed by a recession? When has there been a tax increase on the rich that wasn't followed by prosperity?

--Why are budget deficits suddenly such a bad thing when all through the past decade people like Dick Cheney kept saying, "The Reagan Administration showed us that deficits don't matter"? Why do they matter now?

--Was it really World War II that brought about the end of the Great Depression? If so, where did that money come from? Wasn't it government spending? So why is it so wrong for government spending to do the Lord's work of helping the poor and needy, the widow and orphan, the way the Bible tells us to?

--Why are polls so important when they support one position--e.g. the Republicans pointing out how unpopular the Senate health care bill is--and totally ignored when it is not comfortable--e.g. how unpopular the Iraq War was and is (Dick Cheney's response: "So?") and how popular the public option on health care is (totally ignored by the Washington establishment--the first thing the Democrats negotiated away)?

--Why do I write such convoluted sentences (see above)?