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I'm an ordained United Methodist minister no longer pastoring churches, a former media producer with skills ten years out of date, a writer trying to sell my first novel, and a sales associate keeping body and soul together working for the People's Republic of Corporate America. I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the world, who was my best friend for 17 years before we married.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Once more into the breach

I've been away for a while. You see, my wife has been laid off (Thanks, Bush Administration) and while she's home, I don't spend a lot of time on-line. Today being national boycott day I've got a few minutes I can sneak away from work and post once more.

True resourcefulness, I've been told, is taking the bad things in life and extracting the good out of them. My wife is planning to go back to school to study something she has wanted to do for years: phlebotomy, medical technology, with an ultimate goal of working in crime scene forensics as she did when she was a paralegal.

Now, I want to follow my dreams, too, but I see obstacles in my way. I have discovered my true calling: I realized it when I taught Photography ten years ago, but now I feel it stronger than ever every Tuesday night when I teach my New Testament Class for Gardner-Webb University. I would like to work full-time as a college professor, but you need a Ph.D. for that. I have two masters degrees, but that's not enough. If I went back for my Ph.D. I would be 60 years old before I got it, and who will hire a brand-new 60-year-old professor?

So, to Plan B: Make my living selling on e-bay and teach part-time. I also have my business of selling web sites to businesses. Unfortunately, it's much easier for me to speak to a group (class, congregation, crowd, etc.) than to an individual. Well, pray for me.


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