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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Social Security

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Social Security System, as it is, is sound through 2052. Beyond that, it will be able to pay at least 70% of promised benefits, which will be a higher level, even adjusted for inflation, than recipients get today.

Can I say the same about my employer's stock? Hah! My employer just merged with my former employer, whose stock I wouldn't buy because I didn't trust the stability of the company. Sure enough, they went bankrupt, albeit 20 years later.

So is there a corporate stock out there that we can be sure will still be sound and growing at mid-century? None that I know of. Maybe a nice index fund....

Anyway, the Social Security System needs only a little tweaking to keep it going the way it is: the most successful government program in history. All we need is for the rich to pay the same proportion of their income as the poor pay, and it will be sound for the rest of the century. End of argument.


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