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Friday, October 06, 2006

On the People's Republic of Corporate America

The publisher of the L.A. Tribune drew a line in the sand. He refused to fire more reporters in order to improve his NEWSpaper's bottom line as the Board of Directors ordered him to.

He was fired for his efforts to preserve the nature of the news business.

I heard on the radio this morning some of the names of the Board of Directors that fired him. Not a single one of them as any newspaper experience whatsoever. They know the generic term, "business."

It strikes me that this is what is wrong with the People's Republic of Corporate America in general: People run it who know what they teach in business school but are totally clueless about what the actual business they run is all about. What does Bob Nardelli know about home improvement? What does the CEO of Sears/Kfart know about retail? What does the CEO of Daimler/Chrysler know about automobile building? I don't need to go on, do I?

Thus we have corporations trying to increase sales by throwing thousands of customers out of work. We have CEO's driving the companies bankrupt while walking away with millions while the next company offers huge bonuses for him to come run their company.

No wonder it is the small businesses (ignored by Republican and Democrat alike) who are creating all the new jobs outside government these days.


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