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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something I've been thinking about...

I saw this on another blog, but I've been putting off commenting on it myself. But now that our illustrious Congressman, Patrick McHenry, has made his true colors known in the national media, I've got to say something.

First, though, McHenry went to Baghdad on one of those sheltered tours Republican Congressmen take so they can pretend to be manly. While there he tried to go into the gym to work out a bit, but he didn't have the proper credentials. So he called the contract soldier who stopped him a "two-bit security guard." That made the headlines. What didn't get so much publicity was the fact that he took video of a rocket attack that landed in the Green Zone, in fact hitting the gym he had tried to get into, and posted it on his web site with descriptions of where it hit and how much damage it had done.

The son of a bitch thereby told the Iraqi insurgents how effective and accurate their attack had been so that they could improve their aim the next time. The next time came, and now three brave American soldiers are dead.

And McHenry still hasn't issued what any sane person would call a true apology.

This brings up the point I wanted to talk about: The Satanic images on the Republican elephant logo.

If you go to any official Republican sites, or look at Republican literature, you will see a stylized elephant with a blue top and red-and-white striped bottom. The three stars in the blue field are upside-down.

They are Satanic Pentagrams.

I knew the Republican Party was possessed by something evil, and now this proves it. Ever since the Bush crowd have been in the White House, the logo has had pentagrams instead of stars.

I pray for an exorcism this November.


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