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Friday, July 17, 2009

And Furthermore...

Continuing with the previous post, I submit that if they want to talk about people from other countries coming here for health care they can't get at home (at least not as soon as they want), then we can talk about Americans going abroad for health care they can't afford at home.

There are hospitals in Bangkok, Bangalore, etc. set up to cater to Americans who can fly over there and have their bypasses, knee replacements, or whatever, for a small fraction of what it costs over here, even taking air fare into account. Do they get inferior care because it is out of our country? Not at all. It is world-class in terms of both equipment and the training of physicians and staff. So, as one article (Fast Company dot com, April, 2008) says, it's a question of credit card vs. bankruptcy.

Now, if attracting people from abroad to receive health care is a measure, then ours isn't the "best in the world," is it?

So tell me again: What makes our system of health care the "best in the world"?


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