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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Back to Health Insurance

Massachusetts has passed a law mandating universal health insurance. Unfortunately, poor people are required to pay for their own. Reduced rates, sure, but they have to pay all the same.

I have to pay for health insurance provided through our employers. Diane gets the insurance and I pay her back. With all that, I'll still have to pay a couple of thousand dollars out of pocket for the dental work I still need.

I was going to have to pay $250 for the two extractions of broken-off tooth roots I had done today, but because of the insurance I had to pay only $110. Better but still not good for my budget.

The $2500 I'll have to pay for my bridges in January will have to come out of my pension. So I'll have that much less earning interest toward my retirement in a few years.

I'm discouraged.


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