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Friday, June 22, 2007

More on immigration

I read an article on-line the other day, and I unfortunately didn't bookmark it. It was about how NAFTA caused the influx of illegal immigrants looking for work.

Most of the immigrants were small farmers in Mexico, and their crop was corn (tortillas, don't you know?). Since NAFTA, big, government-subsidized factory farms in the U. S. have been supplying most Mexicans their corn, at a higher price now, so these people are forced off their land. Where they gonna go? Up here, where there's work.

Second thing: In 1986 they passed an immigration "reform" law that gave amnesty to aliens who were here and legislated prosecution for employers who hired illegals. Well, they granted the amnesty, but when it came to cracking down on their corporate masters who pay for their re-election campaigns? Lip service.

In fact, enforcement has dropped drastically in the last six years. Guess why?

Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

The effect, of course, is to suppress middle-class and working-class wages. This is exacerbated by the fiction that there aren't enough high-tech, computer graduates to fill all the high-tech jobs, so they need more H1-B visas for workers from India, etc. The only reason they want more workers from India is that they won't have to pay as much as they pay American workers.

This is in direct violation of everything the Bible teaches. And aren't these supposed to be the evangelical Christians' favorite candidates?

I'll quit before I ramble too much.


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