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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On Protest

In 1968 I was hovering over the peace movement. I wasn't happy about the Vietnam War, but I thought as a patriotic American I should support the Johnson Administration for which I had campaigned so hard four years before. When a young graduate student came into the music library where I worked wearing a "McCarthy" button, that sealed it for me. Her fiance was a Lieutenant in Vietnam, so if she could support the anti-war candidate, that gave me permission, in my own mind. Thus I became a vociferous opponent of the war, writing letters to the editor, marching in the streets, attending rallies, etc.

Those days are behind me, even though we are in the midst of a mess at least as bad as Vietnam. Still I have my outlets for protest. I have this blog, and I have the ability to write letters to the editor.

There are two proposals I would like to add. First, how can we get a nationwide rally of chiropractors to descend on Washington to help the Democratic leadership find its backbone? If anybody has any ideas about that, please let me know.

Second, I intend to do this, and I would like to invite as many others as possible to join me: to send to the Supreme Court justices, the President and Vice-President, and our own Senators and Congressmen copies of the Constitution, with a note attached: "Here's something you seem to have lost sight of. You need to read this and remember what you swore to uphold." (or words to that effect)

Anybody got any other ideas?


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