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Friday, July 20, 2007

Why So Many Perverted Republicans?

What is it about the "Family Values" party that brings out so many hypocrites? A Republican official from Raleigh earlier this week, then Rep. Vitter from Louisiana, and just this morning we hear about Coy Privette, head of North Carolina's Christian Action League. This was after the Ted Haggard scandal and all the rest.

It used to be said that Democratic scandals were about sex and Republican scandals were about money. But now the Republicans are the ones caught with the weenie in the cookie (jar?).

Research has shown that those who make the most noise about homosexuality are the ones least secure in their own sexuality. I guess the same thing goes for other sexual proclivities. I guess we need to exercise forgiveness, as the Bible tells us, but it is hard when these have been the most unforgiving toward others.

So is there something about the Catholic priesthood and the Republican Party that attracts perverts? Or do these institutions give people a way of covering for and denying to themselves the true nature that resides in their hearts? A nature that they don't want to admit, even to themselves?

I pray for all of them.


Blogger Christina said...

Well put, Tom. I couldn't agree more.

August 9, 2007 at 1:05 AM  

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