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Friday, April 18, 2008

More on Hypocricy

This past week George W. Bush admitted to another impeachable offense. He approved the use of torture (regardless of the tortured vocabulary to get around that word). So what do our esteemed media outlets focus on?

Barack Obama's remarks about working-class voters being bitter about the situation the Bushites have put us into, and turning to religion, guns, and xenophobia.

It was fifty minutes into Wednesday's debate before the pitiful "moderators" asked any substantive questions, then they were more into the "gotcha" mode than in the serious discussion people were hungering for.

I notice they never ask why McCain doesn't wear a flag in his lapel. Nor did they ever ask how much Mitt Romney spent on hair cuts and makeup.

These overpaid pretty TV faces don't know anything about what we out here in the working world care about. In fact, they don't find it ironic when a man with eight houses (McCain) calls a man who pulled himself up out of poverty (Obama) elitist.

Well, I want to say that Obama understands us a lot better than the overpaid talking heads or fat-cat politicians who live at ease on money earned by others. (Bush and McCain)

We ARE bitter about the Administration that send our sons and daughters to die in a war based on 935 lies while giving tax cuts to their wealthy supporters.

We ARE bitter about seeing our jobs shipped overseas and being told how much better off we are because we can buy all these cheap trinkets from China.

We ARE bitter about gasoline going through the roof and we aren't able to afford to drive to work on our wages, but have to go into debt to buy a tankful of gas, while oil companies are raking in record profits and enjoying enormous (in every sense of the word) tax cuts.

We ARE bitter when we try to get help when we're laid off and are denied, yet see illegal immigrants getting all kinds of handouts. I have been told of first-hand experiences with this.

We ARE bitter because we can't afford a decent place to live nor the heating oil or propane to heat it.

So in our bitterness we turn to those things that have been constants in our lives: our culture, our faith, the comfort of knowing we are armed against a home assault and can hunt for food if we can't afford to buy it, the comfort of being around people like us and distrust of outsiders.

Changing the subject, though, I just thought of something. When Jimmy Carter was in the White House, gas first hit a dollar a gallon. He got Congress to fund research into alternative fuels so we wouldn't have to be so dependent on Arabian oil.

When Ronald Reagan came in, he immediately put a stop to that research, and worked on getting the price of oil down. As a result, we are more dependent on the financiers of Al Qiada than ever.
Thanks, Ronnie. Of course, we never heard of this when Reagan died a few years ago. No, the news coverage could only be called hagiography.

See why we're disgusted? Obama was dead on the money.


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