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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On Competition

Why is it that those who scream the loudest about wanting the public schools to compete with private enterprise through the voucher program also scream the loudest about NOT letting the government compete with private enterprise when it comes to health insurance?

So if the free market is more efficient than the government and can do everything better, then what are they afraid of? After all, haven't FedEx and UPS done well in competition with the U. S. Postal System?

And the argument that having to compete with the private sector will force improvements onto the educational offerings of the public school system--doesn't that apply equally to the health care system?

As I said, what are they afraid of?

Could it be that the private sector will have to stop hiring overpaid bean counters to keep from having to pay claims? After all, government bureaucrats won't have that incentive, so they will be inclined to pay the claims that come across their desks in the same way that the VA works.
Thus, the CEOs won't be able to feather their nests at our expense as easily as they did in the past.

Yeah, if it works for the public schools, why not for health care.

What are they really afraid of?


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