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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the Upcoming Elections and Those to Follow

I see the debate about electronic voting machines continues into another election. I'd wager money that the same thing will be going on two years hence. Nobody is going to do a damned thing about the situation except sit around and bitch.

The Republicans are going all-out to make sure no one votes who isn't entitled to, even if that means some legitimate (Democratic) voters are prevented from voting. Democrats want to make sure all eligible voters are able to cast a ballot, even if that means that some who are not eligible vote, anyway.

But I want to know something: Where is this great wave of voter fraud? Is there some big movement out there of illegitimate people sneaking into the voting booths and casting ballots they are not entitled to? Uh, that would apply to the makers of the voting machines. I recently read that the key to the voting machine is the same key that opens hotel mini-bars, etc., and they are available all over the internet for sale. And these people want to trust us. The head of Diebold said he would do everything in his power to see that G. W. Bush got elected (this time), and the machines kept recording votes for Kerry as votes for Bush. Especially in Ohio.

But back to the wave, the invasion, the epidemic of voter fraud: It's like the Flag-Burning Amendment. How many flags have you seen burned in protest in the U. S. in the last 40 years? Me, neither.

Ah, politics!


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