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Thursday, June 26, 2008

David Davis for President

David Davis is a member of Parliament in England who resigned because of the "42" law. PM Gordon Brown wants to pass a law allowing the police to hold someone for up to 42 days before charges must be filed. Now, it is 28 days. The Conservative Party opposes the new law (imagine that!), and David Davis, a prominent Tory, resigned his seat over the issue. He is going to run again (or "stand" as they say over there) for election to the same seat, campaigning solely on the issue of opposition to the 42 law. The Liberal Democratic Party in England will not oppose him in the election, because they agree with him, and the Labour Party isn't going to run anyone against him out of fear of being embarrassed.

Where are the politicians on this side of the Pond with that kind of integrity? Even Barack Obama, who denounced warrantless wiretapping in speeches, especially one in South Carolina during the primary, says he is in favor of the FISA abomination before the Senate now. He will work to remove the retroactive immunity (or so he says) for the major telecoms that broke the law (BEFORE 9/11 by the way) by allowing Bush to use their networks to spy on us--that's right: you and me--without any hint of a warrant as required by the Fourth Amendment.

But Obama says he will vote for the bill that allows future warrantless wiretapping on us, even if he can't (and everyone with a brain knows he can't) remove that provision from it.

I know all the Democrats who support it have been paid handsomely by the telecoms; I wonder how much they have given Obama.

Where are the David Davises over here now that we need them?


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