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Monday, June 09, 2008

Now that Obama has it sewn up

I admit Barack Obama was not my first, nor second, choice for Democratic nominee. Still, I can endorse him without hesitation.

I like his vision, and I believe he will have long enough coattails that we in the blogosphere will be able to put the pressure on a majority Democratic Congress to get things done beyond what Obama has proposed, e.g. health care reform beyond the timid steps he proposes.

I also noticed that he did well among working-class whites WEST of the Mississippi, while the punditocracy was talking about how poorly he was doing among working-class whites, but leaving out that the ones they were talking about live EAST of the Mississippi.

I have a feeling Obama can win even without Appalachia.

Of course, since I live in Appalachia, I would like for him to win here, too.


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