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Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Defending the Constitution

I have decided that I will try to give all I can to the downballot Democrats. I can't in good conscience give money to support Barack Obama.

I will gladly vote for him in November, and I will campaign against Flip-Floppin' McSame. But after he voted for the Bush Administration and against the Constitution, I can't give Obama any of my money. I replied to a fund-raising snail mail, pointing out his inconsistency in his rhetoric vs. his support of the FISA abomination. I told his campaign not to count on any more money from me.

Damn, I wish the media hadn't ganged up against John Edwards.

The important thing now is to take back the government that the Republicans have taken over, starting with the White House, then maybe we can also get the DINO's out of the positions of power in Congress and get some real Democrats in there. Sens. Dodd and Feingold must be getting lonely.

Next, we can work on the Supreme Court. We need more Ginsburgs and fewer Scalitos.

Thus, I will give my campaign contributions to the downballot Democrats.


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