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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Where's my America?

Glenn Greenwald has another good one today about the Bush/Obama Administration and their efforts to keep secret their torture regime. I wish I could grab Mr. Obama by the lapels and scream, "Hey, Bud. This is what we voted AGAINST!"

First off, Ronald Reagan signed the treaty outlawing torture and requiring anyone with knowledge of same to arrest and detain the offenders. Instead, the Bush Administration tortured at will, usually to desperately find some means to justify their illegal, immoral, and unnecessary war against Iraq, the biggest Arab enemy to those who attacked us on 9/11.

Obama ran against this sort of crap in 2008 and won a landslide of electoral votes. Now he is trying to avoid at all costs holding anyone in the present or previous regime accountable for their actions defying United States and international law.

They are even continuing the Bushevik threats to cut off intelligence information to Britain if they don't keep quiet our torture history. Of course, their being complicit in it is an embarrassment to them, so they willingly comply. But does the Obama Administration really intend to place British citizens at risk for terrorist attacks if they have the temerity to disclose what they know about the law-breaking of the people the Obama folks DEFEATED at the polls last fall? Why? Are they continuing the practices they campaigned against? Wouldn't be the only thing they continued after campaigning against it. But that's grist for other rants.

I want to ask Mr. Obama, if I get to speak to him at a "town hall" or other such event: "Sir, is it true that you want to open the people of Britain to terrorist attacks if they disclose illegal activities of your predecessor?

"Yes, I understand that you want to look forward, not back. So does that mean we will shut down the court system and let all the defendants go so we can expend our efforts on looking forward and preventing crimes from happening in the future? In your words: 'look forward not back'?

"No? So then this is a country of men and not laws. The law doesn't apply to Republican Administration officials, then. We have completely undone the American Revolution and have gone back to the Divine Right of Kings. Only in this case, it's divine right of the Executive branch to hold themselves above the law with no accountability whatsoever. Is that it, sir?

"Sir, anyone who argues your position on this affair is beneath contempt. Good day, sir."

Wish I could confront him like this.


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