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Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Is It with Pop-Ups?

I can't go to certain sites without having to close off some pop-up advertisements which somehow have figured out how to get around the pop-up blockers. Why do we even need pop-up blockers? Why don't advertisers have more consideration?

Then there are the ads that are already on the page, which is fine, but when I accidentally move my cursor across them, they expand and cover what I'm trying to read, and I have to hunt around the edges for a spot to click on to close them. Sometimes that's hard to find.

Then there are the pop-behind ads. A flicker on the screen is all you see, but then when you close the page, you can't go to bed or open any other programs without having to close a NetFlix ad or an ad for a mortgage company.

What I want to know is why in the world any of these advertisers, NetFlix, The Economist, or any mortgage company think I would spend a penny of my money on what they're offering when they have pissed me off so much. I have thought about subscribing to NetFlix the way I subscribe to, but the more of these ads I have to close out, the less I intend ever to spend a cent of my money with such people as these.

Why would anybody spend any money on companies that are so irritating in their advertising?

Three letters: WTF!?!?


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