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Thursday, July 24, 2008

More on the FISA fiasco

So Bush and the Telecoms were spying on Americans BEFORE 9/11, and now Congress has excused that. Hmm. So how well did that illegal spying work to PREVENT 9/11?

I see.

Now, you also say the bulk of it went on AFTER 9/11, and no one has attacked us since. One word: Anthrax. Remember? So, how well has the illegal, unconstitutional spying program the Congress just gave its consent to worked to catch the terrorist(s) who perpetrated that attack?

I see.

Tell me again how valuable that program is, how vital to our "national security"? Show me how effective it is, and then I'll listen.

Meanwhile, can someone direct me to any way I can help support the ACLU and other groups who are mounting a court challenge to this monstrosity of a "law" before President McCain can appoint more Scalitos to the Extreme Court? I would surely like to know.

Note: I'm writing this before I have Googled it. So stand by for any possible updates.

Grace and Peace.


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