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Friday, August 15, 2008

On the Edwards Affair, Unfortunately

I don't really want to comment on how disappointed I am in John Edwards. But I will say if his wife can forgive him then the rest is none of our business. I understand that men who have power and importance tend to think they can do whatever they want with whomever they want, especially when an attractive woman is available. I just wish they had caught W. Bush and Condi Rice in flagrante so they would shut up about the Democrats.

Of course, catching Larry Craig, et. al. didn't do the trick Oh, well.

Then, too, if every politician who couldn't keep it in his knickers were to be made ineligible to be President, then George Washington, Thomas Jefferson(?), Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhour, John Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson would have been banned from the office.

What I want to gripe about is the news coverage.

I present to you two politicians, both candidates for President of the United States.
Candidate 1 had an affair while his wife was in remission from her cancer, ended the affair and confessed to his wife, who reconciled with him, and he ended his run for the White House.

Candidate B had multiple affairs after his wife was crippled in a car wreck, divorced his wife and married his trophy mistress and is still running for President.

So which one is the media hounding?

Give me a break.


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