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Thursday, September 11, 2008

On the undiscovered Sarah Palin

First I want to say one thing: Obama has said Sarah Palin's family is off-limits for political discussion. That's good. I wish the Republicans would follow the same standard, instead of the way John McCain joined in the laughter when Rush Limbaugh called 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton a "dog."

That plus the fact that Bristol Palin is living proof of how effective "abstinance only" education is.

Now, to the real issue at hand: Sarah Palin continues the Republican tradition of hypocricy, claiming to put America First, when it is really corporate fat cats that come first. Also claiming patriotism while affiliated with a group with secondhand ties to al-Qaida.

See this expose:

So not only Bush is in bed with bin Ladin, but Sarah Palin is, too?

The McSame campaign has jumped on the bandwagon, saying, "Yeah, we're for change, too." But this shows the same corruption and hypociricy continuing.


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